The Learning Vault usually offers different types of tutorial services:

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Online Tuition is aimed at allowing real time communication between tutors and tutees. Skype is our most popular platform.


One to one Tuition is tailored for individual requirement because every child is unique. After the initial informal assessment, subsequent lessons are designed and an individual learning plan is created.


Group Tuition is aimed to get learners to work together in groups to help peer to peer support, encouragement and increase their confidence and learning skills.

Free Initial Assessment is key in our preparation. It involves:

1) Introduction meeting – forming a good relationship with our learners/tutees is key to creating a productive learning environment.

2) Academic ability analysis – by taking our initial assessment we establish your child’s current level of achievement. The result of the assessment will enable us discuss and create a tailored learning plan specific to their needs.

3) Tuition plan – explaining the tuition process and plan that will best suit your child.

4) Study Environment – knowing the environment in which your child will be learning is key. Our learning centre is designed to produce calm, stimulating study area. Each child has a laptop/tablet/booklets/worksheets working at their own pace through an individual learning plan, tailored to suit them. During our online sessions, the study environment is agreed upon before lesson commences.

5) Parental Involvement – organising regular meetings with parents to discuss progress, track achievement and define new goals.

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The Learning Vault does everything they can to be Covid-19 secure. The health of your child/children and our staff is our priority. Our maximum capacity and spacing ensures social distancing at all times, no resources or equipment will be shared during lessons. All equipment will be cleaned before and after use. Students are asked to wash their hands and use the sanitizer provided on entry to the tuition centre and leaving.